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1. Overview

Brief History

Qatar Fertiliser Company SAQ (“QAFCO”) is the world’s largest single site producer of urea and ammonia. It was incorporated in 1969 and is currently a joint venture between Industries Qatar QSC (“IQ”) [75%], Fertiliser Holdings AS (10%) and Yara Netherland BV (15%). QAFCO is engaged in the manufacture and sale of ammonia and urea, which are sold primarily in the Indian sub-continent, and urea formaldehyde condensate.


At present, QAFCO is owned by IQ [75%], Fertilizer Holdings A.S. [10%] and Yara Netherland B.V. [15%].

Related Companies

QAFCO has a 70% interest in Gulf Formaldehyde Company.

2. Recent Performance: (Full Share)

Balance Sheet

Profit & Loss Account

[Figures are full share of the company]

3. Main Products:


The main uses of ammonia are in the production of fertilizers, explosives and polymers. It can also be used as an ingredient in certain household glass cleaners, as a refrigerant and can used as disinfectant when added to drinking water (with chlorine).


Also known as carbamide, it can be produced as prills, granules, flakes, pellets, crystals and solutions. More than 90% of world production is destined for use as a fertilizer.

It can also be used:

-As an alternative to rock salt in the deicing of roadways and runways. It does not promote metal corrosion to the extent that salt does.

-As an additive ingredient in cigarettes, designed to enhance flavour.

-As an ingredient in some hair conditioners, facial cleansers, bath oils and lotions.

-It is also used as a reactant in some ready-to-use cold compresses for first-aid use, due to the endothermic reaction it creates when mixed with water.

-Used, along with salts, as a cloud seeding agent to expedite the condensation of water in clouds, producing precipitation.


A transparent thermosetting resin or plastic, made from urea and formaldehyde heated in the presence of a mild base such as ammonia or pyridine. These resins are used in adhesives, finishes and molded objects.

4. Markets:

Ammonia is largely sold in India and Jordan, urea in the US, Southeast Asia and Australia, and the excess formaldehyde produced by its joint venture, Gulf Formaldehyde Company, in neighboring countries.

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