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Brief History

Incorporated in 1974 as a joint venture, Qatar Petrochemical Company Limited QSC (“QAPCO”) is currently owned by Industries Qatar QSC (“IQ”) [80%] and TOTAL Petrochemicals (France) [20%]. QAPCO has two joint ventures, Qatofin Company Limited QSC and Ras Laffan Olefins Cracker Company, and two associated companies, Qatar Vinyl Company Limited QSC and Qatar Plastic Products Company WLL.

QAPCO was established with the aim of utilising the associated and non-associated ethane gas from petroleum production. QAPCO is one of the leading producers of ethylene and variable grade low-density polyethylene (“LDPE”) [under the brand name “Lotrene”] in the Middle East, with sulphur being its by-product. The LDPE is marketed in over 75 countries, with the main markets being the Middle East, Far East, Africa and the Indian sub-continent. A substantial part of the ethylene produced is used in the LDPE production process, with the remainder being supplied to QAPCO’s associate, QVC, to meet its feed requirements. In 2009, QAPCO commenced production of linear low-density polyethylene (“LLDPE”).


Currently, QAPCO is owned by Industries Qatar [80%] and TOTAL Petrochemicals (France) [20%].

Related Companies

QAPCO has two joint ventures, Qatofin Company Limited and Ras Laffan Olefins Cracker Company and two associated companies, Qatar Vinyl Company Limited and Qatar Plastic Products Company.

Recent Performance:

Balance Sheet

Profit & Loss Account

[Figures are full share of the company]

Main Products:


Also called an unsaturated hydrocarbon or an olefin, it is used primarily as an intermediate in the manufacture of other chemicals, especially plastics. It can be polymerized directly to produce polyethylene (also called polyethene or polythene), the world's most widely-used plastic. It can be chlorinated to produce ethylene dichloride, a precursor to the plastic polyvinyl chloride, or combined with benzene to produce ethylbenzene, which is used in the manufacture of polystyrene, another important plastic. It can be used as well on crops to speed up ripening and can stimulate the opening of flowers.

Low-Density Polyethylene (“LDPE”)

This is widely used for manufacturing various containers, dispensing bottles, wash bottles, tubing, and various molded laboratory equipment. Its most common use is in plastic bags, both for food and non-food purposes. Other products made from it include: trays & general purpose containers, food storage and laboratory containers and six-pack soda can rings.


QAPCO’s products are marketed in the GCC and the Middle East, the Far East, South East Asia, the Indian Sub-continent, Europe, Africa and Oceania.

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